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About the Author

RANDY CARLTON, USMC, LTCOL (RET) grew up along the adventurous wooded banks of the Arkansas River in Kansas. That was where a Prince, a Princess, and creatures first became heroes.

His adventures continued in the United States Marine Corps in every clime and place. He led bold and rough men of grit on adventures from the desert and coast shores of America, through the jungles and barren terrain of the Far East, over turbulent seas, and across the sands of Southwest Asia.

His adventures now continue with the characters of the Child of Stone Series, Heroes Extraordinaire. A Distinguished Knight of the Order of St George, he now resides in Kentucky enjoying their forests, caves, and waterfalls with his Princess




Marine Tank Officer
M60A1 & M1A1 Tanker 


M1A1 Abrams MBT

Served in 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Tank Battalions / Marine Divisions
To include 1st Track Vehicle Battalion, Okinawa, Japan
(Honored to have served in 7th Marine Regiment)


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