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The Major Kingdoms of Blutar


The Southern Kingdom

Kingdom of King Armon and Queen Dawn

Morning Star, heir to the throne

Priest Of Stars, armorbearer to the king and High Priest of Blutar

Lady Debrika, wife of the Priest of Stars and armorbearer to the queen

Captains Three: Ragon, Tagon, and Kagon of the Royal Star Guard

Largest of the kingdoms

Land of four seasons

Known for its crystals and gemstones

Major Military Land, Sea, Air, and Space Forces


The Western Kingdom

Kingdom of King Delvon and Queen Lanor

Princess Marsela, last born of the king and queen

Minister of Defense, (Prince) Sir Jamal (First born)

Minister of State, (Princess) Kathal (Second born)

Captain Tomal (Prince) of the Royal Rainbow Guard (Third Born)

Island land mass known for its mild temperatures, beaches, and rainbows.

Substantial Military Air and  Naval Shore Forces


Kingdom of the North

Kingdom of King Dra'kon and Queen La'vona

Night Star, heir to the throne

Large Northern Kingdom with only two seasons.

Known for its cold winters, mountains, fishing off its cold shores.

Major Military Land, Sea, Air, and Space Forces


Kingdom of the East

Kingdom of King Gur'tan

A dry climate with beautiful sands, dunes, and boulder mountains.

Known for its cool geysers and underground rivers and lakes.

Substantial Military Land, Air, and Sea Forces


Other Kingdoms or Territories

The Plains Kingdom: Mineral / Farmland

The Paradise Kingdom (Island Mass): Jungle / Fruit Corps / Waterfalls

Kingdom of the Deep: Deep Underwater Ocean City

 Corral Kingdom: Corral Underwater City

Polar Kingdom: South land of Snow, Ice, & Caves

Kingdom of Ice: North Land of Snow, Ice, & Caves

Dark Territories: Mercenary Soldiers, Pirates, & Thieves in a Sea of Lands

Badland Territories: Land of Nothing & Nomads


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