The New Realm and its Star Clusters, Galaxies,
Star / Solar Systems, and Worlds


New Realm

A Dimension in the Universe was created by the “Eternal Father of Lights”.

The New Realm is surrounded by invisible waters to protect it from Darkness

Major Star Clusters in the New Realm

Sword, Bow, Liontail, Beartail, Horsagon, Axe, Spear, Crocagon, and Dragontail


Galaxy of Tazar

One of the many galaxies within New Realm.
The story takes place in the Tazar Galaxy.


Rontar Star System

One of the many star systems within the Galaxy of Tazar.

Solzar Solar System

The Solzar System within the Rontar Star System.

Blutar World

A world within the Solzar Solar System where the story is told.


The Stars
 Worlds, Moons of the Solzar Solar System


Sun Star

All the worlds orbit the Sun Star

Two of the brightest stars in the Solzar Solar System:

(1) The Morning Star in the Heavens

Mystical Star of Light. Has special relationship with Morning Star

(2) The Night Star of the North

Mystical Star of Darkness. Has special relationship with Night Star


Order of Worlds in distance from the Sun Star

Cloud World and its Two Moons

White and Gray Moon

Colored gas clouds surround the world

Pulse World

Light Geysers shoot up from the world in a pulsing rhythm

Blutar and its Four Moons

Star, Light, Shadow, and Dark Moons

The sun star is yellow
but an atmospheric protective shield filters the yellow sun's rays.
And On Blutar the sun appears blue


Storm World

Storms rage across the world as night falls

Ring World

Five asteroid belts ring the world; three of which speed around it

Colossus World

A dense world plagued by shifting stone and quakes

Ice World

A world of ice at night and water by day as its core heats and cools