There are many songs whispering in the skies above us even on the brightest day.

As the day whisks off into the sunset and the night drifts in

even more songs can be heard from the skies above us.

There are many songs waiting to be claimed by those that listen. If you hear the Song of the Sword or Bow, you may be a Child called by the Light; but if you hear the Song of the Axe or Spear, you may be a Child called by the Dark. Therefore, look & listen as you enter the world of Child of Stone.
Child Of Stone is a young adult adventure book of big and little heroes. It combines fantasy and imagination in a tale about a teenager cursed by Darkness. 

How it began: The Immortal of Lights, “Eternal Father”, created a New Realm. He protected and hid the realm in invisible waters so that no light would be seen. But as time passed, a contrary spark of light escaped the realm and entered the darkness. The corruptness of darkness tracked the spark to the invisible waters and entered the realm.


The Immortals of Light and Darkness were now brought in conflict and their first battle would take place on a world named Blutar.


Now the Songs of the Immortals spread throughout the realm and called to a princess and two princes. What you are about to read is their incredible story.


When King Armon is given a vision-dream about a coming champion whose destiny is to save the kingdoms from death and destruction, little does he know the part his son, Morning Star, will play in the coming conflict. Darkness has anointed its champion Night Star, the Prince of the Kingdom of the North, and his destiny is to conquer the world of Blutar and beyond; but Light seeks a champion of its own.


The birth of Morning Star, Prince of the Southern Kingdom, sets into motion an incredible, unknown journey for him. As he enters teenhood, Darkness senses the threat and summons Sergon that Great Dragontail. Descending with a curse, he engulfs Morning Star in a cosmic breath of fire, turning him into a stone statue. After an epic battle between Light and Darkness, he breaks free of his statue state, but his body remains stone. He struggles with his new body and abilities while coping with the loneliness and isolation his frightful appearance brings. However, when Princess Marsela of the Western Kingdom invites him to a theatrical play, his desire to attend overcomes his father’s wishes. Disguised, he imparts on an adventure that leads to a battle, a rescue, and an unexpected romance. Adventure awaits him outside the walls of the palace, and the kingdom has a mysterious new hero.


As the forces of Darkness build, the Pirates of the Night strike, and Night Star transformed by Darkness appears. He who listen to the Song of Darkness received the power of deception, was given enchanted weapons, and a new name, Knightfear. With his new found powers he takes Princess Marsela and the royal families hostage and sets into motion the conquest of Blutar, as death and destruction fall upon the kingdoms. Morning Star believes in his father’s vision dream and begins a quest in search of the champion.


Can the vision-dream be unraveled? Can Morning Star find the faith, courage, and will to sacrifice as he travels the trial of trails on his quest? Time is running out, and a princess, a king, and kingdoms depend on him to find the champion before all is lost.