The Major Characters of Child of Stone

PrinceMorning Star Color Full Body wBkgd
Prince Morning Star Headshot Color with

Prince Morning Star in Swor-got'tee Training Uniform

Prince Morning Star of the Southern Kingdom

(Prior to Transformation)

Princess Marsela Color wBkg.jpg
Princess Marsela Headshot Color.jpg

Princess Marsela in

Bow-got'tee Training Uniform

Princess Marsela of the Western Kingdom

(Prior to Transformation)

Child of Stone Head W Bkg.jpg

Morning Star, Cursed by Darkness & Transformed to Living Stone

Warrior Knight With bkg Jpeg.jpg

Prince Morning Star as the Warrior Knight (Pulse Skates & Whip)

Rainbow Princess Color wBkg.jpg

Princess Marsela as the Rainbow Princess (Enchanted Bow & Arrows) 

Knightfear Color wBkg.jpg

Knightfear with his Enchanted Battle-Axe, Armor, Shield, Ride & Crest

StoneKnight Color wBkg.jpg

Stoneknight with Enchanted Sword, Armor, Shield, Ride & Crest

 Priest of Stars
Armorbearer to 
King Armon

Warrior Knight Headshot Color.jpg

Warrior Knight

(No one must know it is Morning Star, Child of Stone)

Rainboaw Princess Headshot Color.jpg

Rainbow Princess (Transformed by the Vortex of Swirling Rainbow of Lights)

Knight Fear Headshot Color.jpg

Prince Night Star of the Kingdom of the North (Transformed to Knightfear)

Stone Knight Headshot Color.jpg

Champion of a Vision Dream

Clash of Knights
Knightfear and Stoneknight

Creatures of Royal Wooded
Spikey is the Leader of the
Five Creatures that 
befriend Child of Stone

Spikey the Armor-urtle
Loves Clawless Gloves, Dig-un
& Roll-un

Royee & Hoyee the Raboo
Loves Bandanas, Punch-un & Kick-un

 Vimpy the Bamouse
Loves Hats, Suck-un & Fly-un

Chimpster the Gorchimp
Loves Sunglasses, Swing-un & Hug-un

Lady the Seaoster
Loves Necklaces,
Swim-un & Dive-un

Sir Petey
Birthday Present from Morning

Star to Rainbow Princess


 Sir Petey the Parahum
Loves Chirp-un & Fly-un

Friend & Protector
Can Carry Secret Messages


Birthday Present from King Armon to Morning 


 Stony the Doggon
Best Friend of Morning Star
Loves Growl-un
Your Best Friend or Worst 


Southern Kingdom Weapons

Liontail Blaster Company




Logo - Liontail
Maker of Small Arms
Pulse Blaster Weapons


Pulse Machine Blaster - Liontail 6
(3rd Generation)
Shoots 250 Pulse Machine Blasts per Magazine
Blast is Blue
Selector for Three Shoot Brust or Full Auto


Pulse Machine Blaster - Liontail 6
Side View
Logo of Liontail Gun Company


Pulse Machine Blaster - Liontail 6
Top View
(Repulse Coil)


Pulse Cannon Blaster - Liontail 6
(3rd Generation)
Shoots 150 Pulse Cannon Blasts per Magazine
Pulse Blast is Blue
Repulse Coil
Single Shot


Pulse Cannon Blaster - Liontail 6

Front View of PCB - L6
Tripod Stabilizer Attached

Pulse Cannon Blaster - Liontail 6
Rear View with Logo


Pulse Cannon Blaster - Liontail 6
Top View of PCB - L6
Tripod Stabilizer Activated