The Major Characters of Child of Stone

Prince Morning Star in Swor-got'tee Training Uniform

Prince Morning Star of the Southern Kingdom

(Prior to Transformation)

Princess Marsela in

Bow-got'tee Training Uniform

Princess Marsela of the Western Kingdom

(Prior to Transformation)

Morning Star, Cursed by Darkness & Transformed to Living Stone

Prince Morning Star as the Warrior Knight (Pulse Skates & Whip)

Princess Marsela as the Rainbow Princess (Enchanted Bow & Arrows) 

Knightfear with his Enchanted Battle-Axe, Armor, Shield, Ride & Crest)

Morning Star as Stoneknight with Enchanted Sword, Armor, Shield, Ride & Crest)

Warrior Knight

(No one must know it is Morning Star, Child of Stone)

Rainbow Princess (Transformed by the Vortex of Swirling Rainbow of Lights)

Prince Night Star of the Kingdom of the North (Transformed to Knightfear)